Disclosure Do’s & Don’ts Part 1


  • Act promptly and schedule the initial discussion.
  • Approach the event from a patient/family perspective; anticipate questions that may be asked.
  • Consider where the discussion will take place. Depending on the circumstances, a phone call may be appropriate. Some discussions may be better conducted face-to-face.
  • If the patient has experienced a complication from a planned treatment or procedure, gently remind them of any informed consent discussions you may have had.
  • Analyze the situation based on what you know to be the facts at the time.
  • Consider whether you may need to report the situation to ProAssurance.
  • Consider having a witness present during the discussion.
  • Assume your conversation is being recorded, but do not record the conversation yourself.
  • Maintain ongoing communication, which should occur in a timely fashion, regarding changes in the patient’s health.
  • Document your discussions or efforts for a discussion.